Help on getting a dizzy dog to eat?(kinda long)

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Help on getting a dizzy dog to eat?(kinda long)

Post by am » Thu, 15 May 1997 04:00:00

Hello from a newcomer who is looking for some advice, this group seems
pretty useful so I'm going to ask...

Last night our small terrier mutt-dog was acting rather lethargic, and seemed
kind of dizzy, her eyes were doing loop-de-loops (vet called it nystagmus).
Later in the exam room and at home now she is very unstable and can only seem
to walk in circles, also drooling quite a bit. At emergency hospital we were
told it was either (1) idiopathic vestibular disease, aka "she's dizzy and
we're not sure why", (2) possible stroke, or (3) perhaps a cancer in her
brain or elsewhere. To rule out the last two possibilities would require more
money than we have right now on lab work, and even then the results would not
allow us much of a further course of action.

I should mention here that she is 15, has had a heart murmur probably most of
her life but has never been given medication for that, has many large fatty
tumors that she has had for a long time, gradually increasing in size. Lately
she has taken to going to the bathroom inside the house, although she used to
be very well trained. We feel as if her mind is somewhat starting to go and
we are starting to ask ourselves those questions no pet owner ever wants to,
about how we will know when "it's time."

She was given prednisone to help the dizziness and possible stroke symptoms
and an antibiotic cause her gums are pretty yucky (she is rather ornery at
times, will snap and bite so we are not able to clean her teeth. One of the
signs of how unwell she must be feeling is how little fuss she gave the vet
last night.) First dose of prednisone this a.m. and she has tried to drink
some water today (vet warned she may need more water than usual) but doesn't
seem to want to eat. I tried to get her interested in some beef broth which
normally she would love, but no luck. I am concerned that her non-appetite is
only going to worsen whatever problem this is if she gets weaker, so I'd like
some advice on what might entice her to eat. Also any feedback on the whole
situation, experiences with this type of thing or just general support would
certainly be welcomed.  

Thanks for your time folks,                             Amy
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Help on getting a dizzy dog to eat?(kinda long)

Post by Irena Kaczmarsk » Sat, 17 May 1997 04:00:00

Try to give her raw egg yolk.Break it up put it on Your finger and let
her*** it of.It worked with my dog.Good luck.Please let me know how it