Avail SoCal BaldwinPark(LA County, CA nr W Covina)Shelter List

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Avail SoCal BaldwinPark(LA County, CA nr W Covina)Shelter List

Post by meansfam.. » Sat, 04 Mar 2000 04:00:00

is at http://www.moonsgarden.com/.  Don't know when list was made.  Maybe
her website says.

Here's an update on Baldwin Park. I updated my site with some recent
photos at http://www.moonsgarden.com/
pages with Baldwin Park dogs.

Also, the 2 dogs on my site, the short chowX and shepX are still,
amazingly, alive! Talked
to a very nice kennel worker who said he doesn't know why they've lasted
so long, but they're
very nice dogs and he tries to put in a good word to his bosses about
the "really nice" dogs-sometimes it works, sometimes not.  Regardless,
these cute guys need a home quickly! They
are on what I call death row ( a worker told me that the area they're in
houses dogs on limited time
and I should hurry).  Here I've listed by Breed They Listed, Gender,
Cage& ID #, Comments.
Sorry for the disproportionate amount of males over females. I didn't
have enough time this trip.
Thank you! :-> Wendy

Border CollieX,M,#408, A716241 (Wearing harness. A bit shy, but

4 Small Dogs (see on website),m,#425, (one is a Houdini poodle. Sorry I
don't have more info on hand. All very eager to go home!)

Another 4 small (on website), m, includes a cute Chihuahua (tan & white)
and doxieX.

Golden Retriever, m, A715083, (Nice 'senior' guy. Hasn't been cared for
in awhile, unfortunately-
*** mats, etc. Needs a comfy, loving home)

Dalmatian, m, #344, "Lucky", (has tags, but phone number may be wrong.
One of many dals in this

Terrier X, m, #A715304, (Owner Relinquish-'No Time'>:-(Cute, cute,
small, pic on my site, scared to be there, 8 months old.)

English Pointer X, m, #A715498,(Black/wht, docked tail, legs a little
short for pointer;Kennel card says 'nice dog', so he REALLY must be, as
they rarely put a comment. Owner turn-in, sweet, loving, VERY scared to
be there. Help! See pic)

BoxerX, m, A713654, (Young, very sweet dog. Pic on site)

ShepX, m, A713481, (Young, playful,see pic).

GSD and 2 Pups, f don't know mixed pups gender), A715344, (Owner
Surrender, sweet dog, very attentive to her pups)

As usual, there are loads of chows, rotties, shepherds and mixes.  This
is a great place to find your perfect 'All-American Mutt'!  Some very
nice dogs! One St. Bernard and Akita at present,
both have 'red alerts' on them. Don't be afraid to also put a hold even
if someone else has- many times the rescue group or individual doesn't
show on appointed date to get the dog. Be a
back-up!  Probably better to go in person;phone calls not always
accurately handled.  Thanks for any help you can give these dogs.