PWD Puppy Biting and biting and biting

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PWD Puppy Biting and biting and biting

Post by Andy Brow » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

We had the same problem with our labrador puppy. We sought help from a small
training school (great fun and we learned a lot).
They asked us if we got Tess before she was 8 weeks old, (we got her at 6
They told us that she hadn't learned from her mother in the final 2 weeks-
They advised us to squeal like a puppy every time Tess put her teeth on our
skin or clothes, making sure the squeal was loud and shocking to the
puppy.(we must have looked really silly doing this, but sure enough, the
response was amazing! In a matter of a few days there was a great change.
The trainer told us to make sure Tess knew we were the boss. Tess was
testing us to establish her position in the pack (her new home).
We finished the basic 8 week training course (2 hours per week) and Tess got
a certificate and we were helped so much by this.
We recommend that you try and find a training center in your area. Ask your
vet or pet shop where to find one.
They do not need to be expensive, ours cost only 18 for the course.
Don't let behaviour problems establish themselves, tackle them early,
otherwise they are much harder to solve later.

Good Luck

Julie & Andy Brown