Legislative Update--Pt.1

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Legislative Update--Pt.1

Post by AVRAMA GINGO » Sun, 13 Jul 1997 04:00:00

A> First of all, a note to anyone living in the Metropolitan New York
A> area.  Saturday, Sept. 13, 1997, the AKC will host the 3rd Annual
A> DOG DAY AFTERNOON in Madison Square Park (catty-corner from the
A> AKC).  As I've reported previous years, it is great fun--and free.
A> Aside from the center ring where there are obedience and agility
A> demonstrations (last year there was a demonstration of free-dancing),
A> booths and tables will be available for clubs and service organizations
A> to distribute materials and interact with the public.  New this year,
A> the AKC will sponsor Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing (come watch
A> Shomer embarrass his mother by flunking frightfully).
A> Seriously, Nicky, Marty, anyone else in the area, come on down
A> and bring your Dobes.  Kieron--here's a place to get good PR
A> for the American Bulldog.  All dogs are invited, purebred,
A> mixed breed, all breeds combined--as long as they bring a
A> responsible owner on lead they are welcome.
A> I don't know if any one the DPC affiliated clubs will want to
A> do anything--hmm, perhaps I ought see about having a booth with
A> material about the Dobe from Doberworld-L.  (What about it,
A> Lynn?  Would you mind?)
A> Now to the legislative update:
A> MASSACHUSETTS: The city of NEW BEDFORD, MA is still considering an
A> amendment to its existing breed-specific dangerous dog law, which
A> would extend the legislation to cover Rottweilers as well as
A> "pit bulls."  Local dog fanciers and the MassFed are working to
A> defeat this legislation.  The Canine Legislation Dept of the AKC
A> has sent testimony, materials, and corespondence to local
A> officials to help oppose the measure.
A>    TAUTON, MA: the proposed ordinance requiring Doberman Pinschers,
A> Rottweilers, and "pit bulls" to wear muzzles while in public still
A> remains in the Ordinance Committee.
A> NEW MEXICO: LOS LUNAS, NM is considering a breed-specific dangerous
A> dog law that targets AmStaffs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  This
A> was to be brought before the city council for the first time on July 2.
A> The Director of Animal COntrol for the Village is open to suggestions
A> for improvement.
A>   PEEKSKILL is still considering a breed-specific proposal that will
A> target AmSTaffs, Bull Terriers, Staffies, "American Pit Bull Terriers,"
A> and Rottis.  The legislation is scheduled for another reading sometime
A> in July, exact date not yet known.
A> NORTH DAKOTA:  VELVA, ND is considering a breed-specific proposal
A> targeting Rottis, AmStaffs, and Staffies.
A>   RICHMOND HEIGHTS City Council passed breed-specific legislation
A> on June 24.  Requires owners to obey strict confinement regulations,
A> and purchase $50,000 of liability insurance.  Efforts of fanciers
A> and the AKC were able to get Rottis dropped from the proposal, but
A> the ordinance still targets Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
A>     SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH officials discussed a possible ban on
A> "pit bull dogs" during its June meeting, but opted instead for
A> better enforcement of existing state and local laws.  A local dog
A> owner presented tons of information opposing the ban to the town-
A> ship trustees, and a representative of the Ohio Vallely Dog
A> Owners testified at the meeting.
A> Avrama & Shomer

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