What "fillers" can I use

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What "fillers" can I use

Post by Kathleen Brew » Sat, 27 Jun 1992 16:07:00

JM>Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs
JM>Subject: What "fillers" can I use in dry food?

JM>I have found the right amount of wet & dry food to feed my dogs, and
JM>maintain their weight. However it is not really enough bulk to make them
JM>feel they have really eaten!!  So what can I add to their food that is
JM>effectively "inert" but will add to the bulk they eat so they "think"
JM>they have eaten enough. I just hate to see my guys sniffing at the empty
JM>bowl as if to say, "Hey, where's the rest of my food!!"

A couple of years ago my Boxer was overweight( she will eat anything
that does not eat her first!) I needed to put her on a diet, but did not
want her to go hungry, my vet suggested Green Beans. I cut back on her
food and added a can of green beans to her dinner. She lost weight and
did not go hungry. Beans have very little calories, but add the bulk to
the food. They also add vitamins to the dogs diet. You must rinse them
well first as they do not need the added salt in their diet.


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