***NEW - How To Stop Your Dog Jumping to Freedom [or Death]

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***NEW - How To Stop Your Dog Jumping to Freedom [or Death]

Post by J & P HOOP » Wed, 17 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Our dog "Gus", a Doberman, is an excellent jumper.  On several occasions he
has easily cleared our 4ft fence, and gone wandering in traffic.  So far he
has been uninjured.

On 3 occasions he has been "captured" by the dog ranger of our local  
authority.  The cost of "bail" is $80, plus an overnight charge $15 for the
previlege of staying at the pound.

He also has a strange aversion to people who limp, and will growl and carry
on. [He has almost no teeth left, but still looks fairly terrifying.]  He has
been reported to our local authority for this poor behaviour, and we have been
warned to restrict him.  Fair enough.  But how?  We did not want to chain him
up all day.

A friend has horses and suggested a "hobble".  We experimented with various
designs and materials, and have developed a system where Gus is happy, but
cannot jump up.  We lined the restrictive parts to ensure he is always
comfortable, and the hobble doubles as an extra handy leash.  [The Super
Velcro is great for impromptu tie-ups outside shops.]

We mentioned this product to friends who have ordered and told others who have
ordered.  I guess we are now in business.  If you would like one for your
dog/s just send me e-mail with your postal address.  Cost is $A22 [about
$US16.50] plus freight.  If you want more than one or wish to retail them let
us know and we will send you the rates.

We have Mastercard/Visa facilities, so you can have immediate despatch.  

We have used high quality materials in webbing, clips and lining [suede] so it
is a good value product, and adjusts to suit all sizes.  We give a full
replacement guarantee for 3 years.


James Hooper [and Gus]

Ps if you are not in Australia we will also include some free Tourist stuff
for you.