New Show/Event E-Mail List

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New Show/Event E-Mail List

Post by F.T.Reit » Sun, 11 Apr 1999 04:00:00

The correct e-mail address for sending out show/event announcements is
located in the archive for the list, which is available to subscribers
to the list.


> The Mi-Ki Club of America, Inc. has started two new E-Mail Lists.
> The first list is DOG SHOWS, which is intended for all people interested
> in receiving E-
> Mail notification of Shows, Nationals, Specialties, and Events from
> International, National,
> State, and Local Canine Kennel Clubs and Organizations.  Rare Breed
> Shows, Events and
> Specialties are also included.
> Anyone can subscribe to the list by sending an E-mail message to:

> All Canine Dogs Clubs, Organizations and Specialties are able to send
> messages out
> through the list to all subscribers by sending an E-mail message with
> the Event, Show or

> subscribed to the list to
> send messages to it.  To prevent spam, commercial advertising and
> mischief from
> appearing in the messages, the list is moderated and all messages must
> be approved by the
> list owner before being sent out.  This is not a discussion list about
> dog shows, events or
> activities, but rather more of a notification network.
> For more information on the list, or a general outline of the
> information you should
> include, Reply by e-mail to me.

> The second e-mail list is an announcement e-mail list, which means only
> the list owner can
> send out messages.  This list is to keep persons interested in the Mi-Ki
> Dog Breed
> informed of any changes to our web site, litter announcements, health
> alerts, etc.  There is
> a page on our web site where you can subscribe to this announcement
> list, or you can
> subscribe by e-mail by sending a message to:

> Our Web Site is located at:
> Sincerely,
> Freddie Reitz

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>   Webmaster
>   Mi-Ki Club of America, Inc.

>   Freddie Reitz

>   Mi-Ki Club of America, Inc.
>   PO Box 271                   Work: 414-835-1270
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>   Wisconsin                    Hostname or IP Address
>   53204
>   United States
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>   Last Name     Reitz
>   First Name    Freddie
>   Version       2.1

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