"Pit Bulls" in Norway - Update 15JUN95

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"Pit Bulls" in Norway - Update 15JUN95

Post by Vicki Hear » Fri, 16 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Dear Dog Owners,

        I have heard again from Lars Kjolen.   As I said, they lost in the
appeals court and are going to a higher court.

        In the meantime, the Department of Agriculture has said that they want
to kill the dogs right now, because it is too expensive to keep them alive.  
The board bill at this point is running at about $200 a day.

        These dogs are the kind that would be useless as  police or protection
dogs, because they are too friendly, which is why there was, while the
publicity was hot, a police guard on the kennel.   (Recall that the police
declared that the dogs should go free.)

        What Lars was asking me was whether there is an American or Canadian
organization or individual that would offer to sponsor the dogs.   The cost of
keeping them should become less if Lars succeeds in getting them moved from
their current location, where they are in crates all day long, to the
quarantine kennels and the care of a woman who is very fond of them.

        Please let me know of any ideas you have or whether, for that matter,
you can think of a better alternative.


Vicki Hearne