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Post by I Don't Like Monday » Wed, 03 Jul 2002 03:32:31


>>>leah has been bitten 4 times by her dog Madigan who's TOTALLY DESTROYED
>>>HOWES and is now living in a crate at 18 months old after spending 15
>>>in no success.

>I have Jerry kill-filed so I don't have to hear all his rehashed lies.  But
>the newbies:

It seems that you and Jerry are the item in this group. Why all the
hatred? Jerry in his own lets say crude way, does seem to be
passionate about dogs. He also seems to make good points, alternatives
to  the easy way out of shock devices and such. If you love your dogs
and do not want to see them hurt in any way, dont you and Jerry have
common ground here ?

>I have been bitten ONCE by Madigan.  She was a puppy, and I got her
>over-e***d with rough play.

>She did destroy my house, because I was reluctant to crate her.  Once I
>understood that it was separation anxiety and began to crate her when I
>the destruction stopped completely.  And she loves her crate, and runs into
>willingly when it's time for me to go.

She actually did that much damage ? I dont know what to think about
someone that would let this get that far. Are you a breeder ?  In the
animal field at all? How did you get Madigan? Is she still in a crate
most of the time? It does seem like the problem of the destruction
wasnt really adressed? Forgive my presumption.


>She was in formal training for less than a year, and has come such a long
>that it amazes me.  Every time I take her out anywhere, I get compliments
>how sweet-tempered and well-behaved she is.

Thats great, but do you still have to crate her a lot at home?



>I now return you to our regular lunatic ranting. :}

>See My *** Family At:
>Madigan's Theme:
>"When she was good, she was very, very good
>But when she was bad, she was HORRID"