The Puppy Wizard, Jerry Howe's Killfile Advice

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The Puppy Wizard, Jerry Howe's Killfile Advice

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 06:40:22

Jerry Howe's Killfile Advice
Date: 2001-03-03 09:28:10PST

Hello People,

We've got a lot of dissent here on R.P.D.B. The natives are
restless... They are on the war path, and they don't care WHO
gets HURT or who is victimized... as long as it's not

I think the problem will be resolved when those who feel
threatened by the information I have to share DO put me into
their kill files.

Then, there will be no opposition to the good information that
I post that does help people and their dogs.

It seems there is a polarized group here that only rely on
fear, force, confrontation, and abuse in training, without
ever being aware of the consequences of their actions. They
HURT DOGS because they don't know any better and because it
serves their fragile ego's and compensates for their weak
minds and inferiority complexes.

That they give their uninformed and counterproductive advice,
and back each other up with lies and diversions to absolve
their GUILT, only serves to confuse the issues of what is most
important and the best for our dogs.

Their attempts to discredit me reflect their ego problems, not
my training advice.

I've got lots of good advice, but facing constant criticism
from these few individuals raises concerns about my advice.
People and dogs that could benefit from my advice are
dissuaded from listening to me.

After all, millions of people couldn't be wrong. And I
couldn't be the only one that's right? That's changing. Why?

The situation is changing because I will not be chased away
because of some criticism, as has been the case with everyone
else who has sincerely tried to make positive changes here.

Our Gang Of Thugs has a LONG HISTORY of harassing and
because DECENT TRAINING ADVICE makes them look like what they
are, a bunch of amateurs with big mouths and no brains who
HURT DOGS because they don't know any better and they don't
care. All they want to do is get a ribbon... and they'll kill
dogs that can't give them that ribbon...

So, for a quick fix, put me into your kill file.

If you are interested in good information, take some time to
get the real offenders out of sight. TELL THEM YOU don't want
them giving us their rotten, vicious, advice. The situation
has got to improve. Meanwhile, I'll endure the threats and
annoyances of these experienced dog abusers.

And about the killfie? READ and use your MIND.

lyingfrosty dahl says: "You are even sleazier than I thought."

You BEAT DOGS WITH STICKS to make them retrieve, and YOU call
ME sleazy?

Me? I don't HURT DOGS and LIE.

YOU do. You ABUSE DOGS. And you LIE. Here's PROOF.

> I would never advise anyone to slap a dog.

YOU DO. You LIE. Here's PROOF.

"Get a stick 30- or 40-inches long. You can have a helper
wield the stick, or do it yourself."

>  I would never slap a dog.


>Repeat, varying how hard you hit the dog Tougher, less

dogs may require you to progress to striking them more

> I do not believe there is a single circumstance, ever, where
> slapping a dog is anything but destructive.


> If the dog drops it, chuck it solidly under the chin, say

"No! Hold!" use a chuck under the chin or pinch its ear chuck
the dog under the chin

with your ever-ready right hand while saying "No!"

> and pinch its ear if a dummy or bird is ever dropped. While

force-fetching is now complete, training has become more
varied and interesting and we are sure you will want to

HOWE does varying HOWE you are HURTING the dog make it more

>>> Amy Frost Dahl   Retriever Training phone: (910) 295-6710
> >> Oak Hill Kennel    & Handling email:

> >> (

Here's the full text. Got Milk?

Aren't those AMY DAHL'S OWN WORDS??? But SHE don't DO THAT???

Is EVERYBODY going to ignore the character of these people who
lie and cover up for each other?

Here's HOWE they get that happy e***d to work look on the

>>> Any refusals are corrected with the ear pinch. When

performance is smooth, the stick can be added just as in the
fetch from a sitting position. If the previous steps have been
carefully done, the dog will soon be lunging eagerly for each
dummy as soon as it sees it.>>>


You cannot trust your dog's well being to people who tell you
to killfile my advice...and tell you to punish, confine, and
confront your dog's behavior problems. Our Gang Of Thugs are
easily identifiable by their warnings about my posts, and
their killfile instructions to prevent me from EXPOSING THEM
as the vicious, abusive, cretins they are, AND WANT YOU TO BE,
so they don't look out of sorts.

"Thus we should beware of clinging to vulgar opinions, and
judge things by reason's way, not by popular say."

"*** is the last refuge of the incompetent."
                                -Salvor Hardin-

"If you cannot convince them, confuse them."
                                -H.S. Truman-


                                - G.B. Shaw -

"I know that most men, including those at ease with problems
of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the
simplest and most obvious truth if it would oblige them to
admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in
explaining to colleagues, proudly taught to others, and which
they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their
                                -Leo Tolstoy-

Is it any wonder that the following sig file has generated
more complaints to my personal email than any other
controversial post I have made to date, bar none?:

If you have to do things to your dog to train him that you
would rather not have to do, then you shouldn't be doing them.
If you have a dog trainer who tells you to jerk your dog
around, ***him, pinch his ears, or twist his toes, shock,
shake, slap, scold, hit, chin cuff, scruff shake or punish
your dog in any manner, that corrections are appropriate, that
the dog won't think of you as the punisher, or that
corrections are not harmful, or if they can't train your dog
to do what you want, look for a trainer that knows HOWE.

Sincerely, Jerry Howe, Wits' End Dog Training

Nature, to be mastered, must be obeyed.
                                -Francis Bacon-

There are terrible people who, instead of solving a problem,
bungle it and make it more difficult for all who come after.
Who ever can't hit the nail on the head should, please, not
hit at all.

The abilities to think, rationalize and solve problems are
learned qualities.

The Wits' End Dog Training Method challenges the learning
centers in the dogs brain. These centers, once challenged,
develop and continue to grow to make him smarter.

The Wits' End Dog Training method capitalizes on praising
split seconds of canine thought, strategy, and timing, not
mindless hours of forced repetition, constant corrections, and
                                -Jerry Howe-