ARBA Network for April 3, 1996

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ARBA Network for April 3, 1996

Post by bbur.. » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

>>>>>>>>>>>>> The ARBA Information Network <<<<<<<<<<<<<

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep the general public informed as
to the current status of ARBA and in particular, its show schedule.  All
information published here is guaranteed to be true and accurate.  I do
NOT print gossip.  If you wish to comment on anything I have said
concerning this issue, both past and present, please direct your e-mail to

confidential and will NOT be quoted, published, etc. without your

This newsletter is published irregularly and is sent directly to those
requesting it.  It can be found on USENET in the following areas:
Additionally, through the generosity of the folks at Idyll Mountain,  it
can be accessed there (  

Permission is granted to reprint the any/all of the information contained
in this newsletter in any breed club newsletter provided the subject is
printed in its entirety.  I do not allow the partial printing of subject
matter as I will NOT be taken out of context.  Permission is also given
to repost this newsletter to any electronic service provided it is posted
in its entirety.

April 3, 1996

Many of you have not received anything from me for a few days due to
problems (AGAIN!) with my mailer.  I also have changed the location
where I am working and its has taken me a few days to settle in,
reestablish  my network connections, and MOST IMPORTANTLY,
migrate the list to a more stable mailing environment.  Please note that

change again in a few weeks as the company I'm working for
reorganizes.  If you don't receive anything from me for a couple of
weeks, check the locations above for posts from me.

The following is a reprint of my message on April 1, 1996.  The
gremlins where working over time that day FOOLING everybody and
many of you did not receive it.

I want to tell you all about something that occurred this past week
concerning John Slack and an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.
When I heard about it, I was both angry AND laughing at the same time.

As many of you know, John has been calling anybody and everybody in
the country connected with rare breeds over the past five years, to
get them to support this year's Cherry Blossom. He has been worrying
this one individual in particular, leaving a stream of answering machine
messages, requesting a reply. It seems that during John's last message
to this person, he got distracted and forgot to hang up the phone. He
is heard to say, "yeah I'm talking to those #*$&%$ <insert your breed>
people, did you talk to the #$(%*^ <insert your breed> people. This is
on TAPE! What an idiot.

Although I had to enter the <insert you breed> here to keep my source
anonymous, you CAN insert your breed if desired.  Needless to say, this
is a very clear indication of his contempt for all of us, especially the
breed clubs he so desperately covets.  Please let your fellow exhibitors
know and by all means, keep them informed!

Barry H. Burton

P.S. As I got through typing this and added the date, I realized this is
April Fool's Day. Let me state quite clearly that this is NOT an April
Fool's joke. It happened EXACTLY as described!

Many of you have received your premium list yesterday for the Cherry
Blossom (for some reason I didn't) .  I will have a lot to say about this
over the next few days, just as soon as I have time to check a few things
out, however I will make the following quick comments:

Just as I warned all of you, there will be NO FCI judges this year at this
year's Cherry Blossom.  There are also none of the prestigious AKC
judges we have seen in past years.  Most are breeders or people that
have been associated with ARBA over the years are not anywhere near
the caliber we have seen in the past.

I know at least three of the breed clubs listed as having specialties want
nothing to due with ARBA and authorization to publish their names was
not given.  One is DEMANDING that John send out a retraction letter
to all recipients of the premium.

The show hotels listed are the same ones ARBA has been thrown out of
in years past.  

As I said, I will comment on all of this as soon as I verify a few more
things (such as the site, the hotels, judges credentials, etc.).

As always, keep your breed club and fellow exhibitors informed!

Barry H. Burton