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Post by Lesli » Sat, 14 Dec 2002 12:49:41

HELLO everyone, this should answer some of the extra questions.
I will be sending an additional donation because cash works best,
since they are writing many checks.  And as the end of the year rolls
in, I am sure more bills will be forward to the AWCA.  

UPDATE 12/11/02 on the Montana Collies

Statement by AWCA President Jean Levitt

From Shelby, Montana

*Permission to crosspost*

 Thank you all for the shipments of new snaps, pooper scoopers, and
grooming towels.  The notes of encouragement and gratitude lovingly
tucked into the cartons are definitely appreciated.  More than a few
tears are shed when the notes are read aloud to these dedicated
professional groomers and ?collie huggers.?  More towels are needed.
Please keep shipping them until you hear otherwise from AWCA.

 Regarding the collie who wouldn?t walk on a leash, and had to be
carried everywhere:  during his grooming, the professional groomers
reported he had a terrible skin condition about his neck and shoulder
area.  This was photographed and reported to the veterinarian.  It is
healing.  The collar and leash hurt him!  This was obviously why he
wouldn?t walk on a leash.  Now he is smiling and playful.  We are all
very happy for him.

 AWCA has paid all bills received so far.  I have authorized several
thousand dollars in payment.  This is only the very beginning of this
rescue mission; therefore, in order to ensure that money will be
available when the bills come in, we continue to appreciate your
financial donations to AWCA.

 Additional stainless steel has been requested.  We are shipping
2-quart pails to accommodate the older puppies, which are still too
small for the 6-quart pails, but getting too big for the nontippable
puppy water pans.

 As you know, AWCA has agreed to pay for the trucking of wood chips
used for bedding at Camp Collie.  This bedding is changed every day to
control contamination.  The expense is $700/shipment, which the
authorities estimate will last 5 weeks.

 Yesterday, I bought every tarpaulin I could find in town, along with
nylon roping and bungee cords.  Many of the dogs are still nervous and
distressed, so tarps will be used to give privacy along two sides of
the pens.

 The need is very great here at Camp Collie.  Extremely dedicated
volunteers clean pens, feed, water, and walk the dogs.  Meanwhile the
grooming process is continuing steadily.

 The new veterinary technician, who is also a registered nurse,
arrived in Montana today.  She has agreed to help groom and attend the
dogs medically.  She has agreed also to address any medical needs of
the volunteers.

 Anything and anyone these collies need are provided to them through
the generosity of wonderful, loving people like yourselves.  We are
deeply indebted to you.

 As a reminder, if you would like to assist AWCA with this rescue
effort, you may send a check to:

                                                Bethany Burke

                                                AWCA Treasurer

                                                2807 Lee Trevino Court

                                                Shalimar, FL 32579

Make the check out to AWCA and in the memo area note:  collie
rescue-medical, collie rescue-stainless steel, or collie


Jean Levitt, President AWCA

Lisa King, AWCA Director AWCA Rescue

Officers and Members of AWCA

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