Dog info wanted for Philadelphia area

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Dog info wanted for Philadelphia area

Post by Nickie Democ » Wed, 18 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am a 2 dog owner moving from Boston to the Philadelphia
area in October.  We will be living in King of Prussia.

We're looking for a couple of things:

1)  Good dog parks.  Places where dogs and their people
gather to play.  Places where they can run off-leash.
Places where they have to be on-leash, but are fun to
go to anyhow.  Weekend places to hike with dogs.  Any info
here would be helpful to us and our hyperactive beasts.  
The closer to King of Prussia the better, but I'd like to
hear about any place at all in the area that you know
and like - we know darn near nothing about the area.

2)  Dog boarding places.  The two places we use in Boston
have big yards where the dogs play together much of the day.
In one place, they sleep together in small rooms by size,
and in the other place they sleep in kennels.  Is there anything
like this in the Philly area?  Is there a more traditional type
kennel that you prefer?  Once again, proximity to King of Prussia
is preferred, but not required.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.