Safer Airline Travel for Dogs -- proposed law

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Safer Airline Travel for Dogs -- proposed law

Post by Sunni Freye » Sun, 11 Jul 1999 04:00:00

The last issue of Canine Times, an ezine read now by 3,410 dog people,
carried an article on the Safe Air Travel for Animals Act, which was
only.recently introduced onto the floor of the US Congress. The article
details what the proposed legislation will do to ensure safer airline travel
for dogs, as well as other animals.  You may want to read this and, if you
are supportive, tell your state legislators to affirm it.

Through Tuesday, July 13, you can get the article by sending any email to

The issue then goes into the Canine Times archive at
It's Issue No. 58.  Or you can use the search engine at the archives to
retrieve it.

Good summering to all!
Sunni Freyer
Managing Editor, Canine Times