Schnauzer available for adoption / seeking adoption

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Schnauzer available for adoption / seeking adoption

Post by Mary Smeltze » Thu, 19 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Below is a summary of posting on "The Schnauzer Rescue Message Board" of
those looking to place schnauzers and those seeking to adopt schnauzers.
There was a lot of turn over, but many new entries also.  Four Giants
needing homes in additions to all the minis (please feel free to cross post
this note to anyone interested.).  Many entries asking for adoption are for
young dogs and you guest it most of those being place are a bit older :-(  
But remember mini's can have a very long live span... so those seeking
should consider your "middle aged" or older dogs.  To see details on
postings see the board



Summary of entries on "The Schnauzer Rescue Board"

Posting for Available Schnauzers:

-Available for Adoption Giant, Dallas TX
-2 giants need home in Longview, Texas
- Giant for adoption in San Jose CA
-Available for adoption Mini, Daly City VA
-Very special home needed mini (mild liver disease), NJ
-SE Michigan mini's
-Schnauzer Rescue, Tulsa, OK
-Oklahoma area mini's
-mini's rescues available -- NE Florida

Postings Seeking To Adopt Schnauzers

-Desperately seeking to adopt mini, Knoxville TN by sara , Mon Feb 16 16:34
-Want to adopt mini(s) San Francisco Bay Area, CA by Dianne Green , Fri Feb
13 16:30
-Want to adopt mini, Richmond, VA area
-Want to adopt mini, San Antonio TX
-Want to Adopt Mini, Long Island NY
-Want to adopt mini, Reno NV
- Miniature Schnauzer Wanted in Northern California
-Younger female Mini wanted in Memphis
-Wanted young mini, Bayonne N.J
-Mini Schnauzer wanted, Memphis TN
-Want to adopt mini,Central Savannah River Area, SoCarolina
-Want to Adopt Minature in Lansing Michigan



Also  I am interested in getting together a list of schnauzer rescue
contacts.... for both giants and minis that can be listed
at the site (I plan to also just link to the rescue pages on AKC..... which
I have as a post on the board, but will make it a regular page so people
looking don't over look to check the contacts).  If you would like to be
included please email me the following info:

breed type (mini,standard,giant or combo)
URL   (if you have a website pertaining to your rescues)
phone (can be optional if email listed)