can't cilp nails -- Problem Ain't The Nails

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can't cilp nails -- Problem Ain't The Nails

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Sat, 20 Jul 2002 11:16:08


> Hi all...
> Just wondering if anyone has had any success
> with using some sort of SAFE tranquilizer-ish
> type medication on their dog to enable them
> to cut their claws.

It's not EZ to do.

> My 18 mo dalmatian, Abby will NOT under any
> circumstances let us clip her claws...

Shouldn't be any problem if you handle her properly.

> they badly need it soon.

O.K., start learning to handle her properly.

> Someone suggested we give her
> something to make her too relaxed to
> bother fighting (but not knock her out).

That could make lots of things worse.

> Any ideas?

Yeah. I've worked with hundreds of dogs
with nail problems. Usually doesn't take
much moore than a gentle give and take
and appropriate distraction and praise and
no forceing or scolding or reflexing when
your dog acts up and you should be able
get her over it in a few minutes over a few

>  It is the most mournful, saddest sound
> as if we are trying to kill her if we so much
>as come at her with the clippers and dare
> to touch her paws.

Sounds like she's had a bad experience.

> She walks on them every day (and RUNS!)
> with no fear of pain,

Dogs often don't show pain.

> but she KNOWS what it means if we grab
> her paw (with no treat after saying 'shake hands').

Means you're trying to trap her and force her nails
to be cut. That's HOWE COME she won't hold still.
She's got to learn to trust you and you've got to
learn to interrupt and praise her reflexive fear
responses to extinghuish her habit. Then you'll
be able to teach her to relax.

> Any ideas??

Yeah. Study your FREE copy of my FREE Wits' End
Dog Training Method manual and do all the exercises,
that'll develop the trust first, then use the same techniques
to handle her paws as you'd be using on the leash in
the hot and cold exercise, and use the distraction and
praise when she flinchches and you should be outta
there in 15 minutes if you do this for a living as I do.

> Thanks.

Might want to try having her stand on the foot and
slip the clipper over the nail while she's standing
on it. I'm sure she's objecting to HOWE you're
grabbing her paw and restraining it. The techniques
in the manual should get you over that kind of goal
oriented approach which confounds the dog's desire
to work for us and do as we'd ask.

> Jo

I'm sure our dog lovers will tell you to offer bribes and
use desensitization techniques that could complicate
things, so be careful what you're trying. My methods
should show results in a few minutes, but you'll have
to study the entire text first, cause the problems isn't
the toe nails...

> Be happy; for every minute you're angry you lose
> 60 seconds of happiness.

Got you covered... j;~)