kitty litter bad for dogs?

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kitty litter bad for dogs?

Post by SIOU » Sun, 03 Mar 1996 04:00:00

>I posted this before as clumping cat litter and got no response. For
>those of us who have dogs and cats, has anyone heard that clumping cat
>litter can be harmful to a dog who likes to eat, um, snacks from the
>litter box? I read that if the litter clumps the cats urine, imagine
>what it did to dogs insides. comments?

        I've been worried about this same thing.  We got a puppy from the
Humane Society about month and a half ago when she was seven weeks old.  
She's a lab collie cross and would always eat her poop fresh and warm
(ew!), and would then go to fetch "snacks" out of the liter box (3 cats).  
We're now giving her Deter to try to stop her from eating hers, and have
clevery put the litter box on an angle so her quickly growing body can't
get into the gap.
        I'm worried that when she is bigger, she'll be able to toss the
litter box aside and munch clumps of pee.  Any help or thoughts on this
would be very much appreciated!

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