Non-profit organization to benefit Columbus, GA Pound

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Non-profit organization to benefit Columbus, GA Pound

Post by Dianne Park » Sat, 06 Jul 1996 04:00:00

The Animal Control facility in Columbus, GA has not been expanded or
improved in 25 years.  Over 10,000 dogs and cats are destroyed at the
facility annually.  This is due IN PART to the facility's inability to
hold animals any longer than is legally required due to its size.  It
is apparent that the city's priorities do not include budgeting for a
larger facility.

I am interested in setting up a non-profit organization to raise funds
for the purpose of expanding the pound.  Several of the city's leaders
have indicated that they would be agreeable to submitting a resolution
to guarantee that funds generated would be used exclusively for this
purpose.  I have no experience in this area and would appreciate input
from anyone who has knowledge of setting up such an organization.

Also, your first-hand knowledge of foster care programs, educational
programs, spay/neuter programs, etc., which have been successful in
reducing the number of animals euthanized in your area would help when
approaching the Animal Control Advisory Board and City Council in the

I know you're out there!  Please share your expertise....

Dianne Parker
Columbus, GA