Gadzooks - Pee pee puppies

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Gadzooks - Pee pee puppies

Post by Sophia Farrel » Fri, 05 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Well, they are not really puppies. I have a 5 year old miniature eskimo,
and last summer we got another mini eskie who will be one years old
shortly. I got the second dog to keep the first dog company, because the
first dog was wetting on the floor when we were away for the day (work
and school). I thought she was angry at being alone and a pal would
help. Now the second dog was raised up to the age of four months in a
stall, where there were no indoor and outdoor bathroom rules. So now I
have a year old dog the is a passive pee-er as well as not having a clue
that she is suppose to go outside (even when she is walked on a regular
basis) and the older dog still wets the floor when she's left to run
free in the house. We have tried crate training, and they will not mess
the crate, but even after being let outside they will pee if they are
free in the house. I am very frustrated. I have a 6 year old daughter
who adores the dogs, but I am so tired of cleaning up. We have washed
the rugs with bleach and pet neutralizer....anyone have any ideas before
I have to consider a new home? For me or the dogs.


Gadzooks - Pee pee puppies

Post by LabLove » Fri, 05 Jun 1998 04:00:00


IMO, you need to start all over with housetraining with both dogs.  Go back
to crate training.  If they do not pee in the crate, you are already a step

First of all, set them up on a regular schedule.  Make sure you take them
out first thing in the a.m., after they eat/drink, after playtime, etc. --
you get the idea.  Limit water intake.  Give water at set times during the
day to try to regulate the water.  Make sure they drink what they want but
then take it up.  Take up the water after 8:00 p.m. (or 2-3 hours before
last walk out).  When they are in the house, leash them to your beltloop.
As soon as they start to circle around, snuffle, etc. acting like they want
to go, get them outside right away.  Even if they've already started, get
them outside immediately.  The idea is to figure out their schedules and
catch them *before* they need to go to get them outside.  After they are
housetrained, you can leave water down, etc. but not until they are
reliable inside.

When you take them out (*always* on the leash while housetraining), take
them to the same spot and give them a command that they will come to
associate with going potty. No playing or wandering -- stand in one spot
and give the command.  If they don't go, take them back inside, put them in
the crate for 10-15 minutes and take them out again.  When they do it
outside, PRAISE LIKE CRAZY!!!  Make sure they know that THIS is when/where
you want them to go.  Don't wait for them to "tell" you -- not all dogs do
that, or more likely, the human doesn't understand the dog's signals --
they can be very non-obvious signals to humans.

Be aware that they may have very different potty schedules.  Doing two at
once is not impossible, but is more difficult.  Make sure they are in the
crates no more than 4-5 hours max.  The key is that they are in their
crates OR they are directly supervised.  No free reign of the house until
they are housetrained.

It's unlikely that the first dog was "angry" because she didn't have a
playmate.  She probably just never got the housetraining correctly.  You
also say she's a *** pee-er.  Why do you think this?  Does she roll
over and pee when you approach?  Just wondering.  If she really *is* a
*** urinator, you will need to take some special tactics with her.

Patience, supervision at all times, and a schedule will help tremendously.
Good luck.
Michelle, Cassie the Lab (aka LittleOne) and JakeyBuddy the GSDx
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