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Post by Clint Myri » Wed, 16 Aug 1995 04:00:00

        Hi, i'm nutmeg an i wonderd if i could join the woofchat! the little
humin just gave me a nice brush an I feel about den pouns less! it
feel soooo goood!

        So, my name's meg an i don't no anee doggie's beside this ulie shar
paie that attacked me!:-( My leg wa so stiff next day that made me
whana bite *suckermom*(i bit him in the leg though!!!!!) little
humins are takin care of it now! and they take a *t*r*e*a*t* there
every time!
i think they are feedin it for some reason. it's humins aren't.

        Anyway, i need some doggie friends cause all mine are in danberry
conectakit and we fleww threw the sky to oregon!