additives preservatives and fillers

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additives preservatives and fillers

Post by Our own faul » Mon, 02 Apr 2007 02:12:24

It's our own fault. Americans.

We feed ourselves fast food junk and our pets canned and bagged junk.

Who knows what contamination from overseas gets in our food intentional or not.

Even our best products the U.S. ever made "FOOD" we import while
putting farmers out of work. My dog would love to see more "MADE IN
USA" on her food products.

I was at a dog park today and there was a hole that was dug by dogs and
about 4 people standing around it ***ing about how the county workers
have not filled it in. I grabbed the supplied rake walked over and
mentioned the sign that says "owners should fill in holes dug by dogs"

I see it with everything. People are waiting for someone else to fix it.

my rant for the day.... I am just glad my dogs eat raw
meats,veggies,eggs (BARF Diet)