Southern Cali Pomeranian mix needs home

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Southern Cali Pomeranian mix needs home

Post by TheMightyMu » Thu, 30 Aug 2001 14:59:41

An ultra sweet, black, 8 to 10 year-old neutered male Pomeranian mix
needs a home to call his own. He is about 15 pouds and looks as if he
may have some Schipperkee mixed in with him. He is up to date with
shots, heartworm treatment, and tooth cleaning. He does have a limp -
possibly luxating patella on a back leg.

He is a real love and needs to be in a home where he gets a lot of
attention. I rescued him in hopes of keeping him with my other two -
but my two younger dogs pick on him and are too rambunctous with him.
It breaks my heart to place him elsehwere but I hate to see him picked
on and want him to have a stress-free environment.

I am located in Orange county and can e-mail you a photo if you are
geniunely interested in providing a good home for this sweatheart.