Show Stopper Not At ARBA!

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Show Stopper Not At ARBA!

Post by Barry H. Burto » Wed, 13 Mar 1996 04:00:00

It is currently being circulated by ARBA and others that the Show Stopper
group of dogs and handlers will be attending the 1996 ARBA Tournement in San
Diego.  Be it known that due to the total lack of confidence in current
ARBA management, their misinformation and complete incompetence, we will
not support this or any other ARBA event, nor do we recomend anyone else
does, until a complete management change occurs.  Whatever dogs owners do
attend the tournement should know that many, not just ours, of the top dogs
will not be there!

We will release a major statement on this matter later in the day.

Barry H. Burton

p.s. If anyone has access to the discussion group at America Online, please
     post this message there.