New Mexico City based street dog rescue group looking for help

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New Mexico City based street dog rescue group looking for help

Post by m.. » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Dear animal lovers,

We are a group of people from Mexico City that found out that each of us
was doing something to help street dogs and cats in the city,
independently. We decided to bundle our resources to provide more help. Our
activities are finding responsible owners for animals that are healthy,
most of the time puppies or kittens.

We rescue them and the vet in the group checks them and gives the necessary
vaccinations.  If the animals are sick he treats them until they are
healthy.  When they are ready to join a family we try to find them a home.

Another activity of ours is helping mistreated or abandoned animals.

We still have a long way to go since there are so many animals living in
the streets in Mexico and we need a lot of help.  Amongst other things, we

  * People willing to adopt animals.

  * People helping to find homes for animals.

  * Vets willing to help us by doing there work for reduced charges (like
    our vet who currently only charges for materials and food and not for
    his work nor for taking care of the animals).

  * Money for sterilization (we sterilize the animals we rescue to avoid
    having more animals living in the streets).

  * Money for vaccinations and medication.

  * Money for feeding the animals while we are looking for a home.

  * Place for keeping animals while they are looking for a permanent home.

If you are interested on helping us  send an email to:

and I'll try to answer any questions you have.