Stupidist thing your dog has done

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Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Stacey » Sun, 30 Oct 1994 10:08:06

What is the stupidist thing your dog has done?
I think this will be a funny thread!

Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Larry Sco » Sun, 30 Oct 1994 15:37:04

        This one's easy. When Hershey was about 16 months, we were hunting
from a portable cloth blind that I have.
        Here come some ducks!
        "Hershey, SIT"
        "Hershey, DOWN"
        Ever obediant, Hershey is now laying down at my feet. And proceeds
to roll over on his back, for a tummy scratch. Only one problem, the cloth
is trapped under him, and as he rolls, he proceeds to tear the whole blind
down! A friend of mine, who was in a similar blind 20 yards over, saw all of
this! And is laughing so hard he can't even raise his gun to get a shot!
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Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Flyinggo » Sun, 30 Oct 1994 18:35:03


My dog, Hugs, is half Shar-pei, and half-something-that-jumped-the-fence,
and she's about 65 lbs.  She gets very e***d when she comes out of the
tub after a bath.  She tears around the house like it was Daytona,
spinning in place to change direction.
  The stupidist thing she ever did, was to decide that the house just
wasn't big enough for her e***ment.  So she charged out the sliding door
to the back yard.  The open, sliding glass door.  The sliding door that
had the screen door closed to keep out the  bugs.  The sliding door that
was next to her doggiedoor which was perfectly useable.  
   Well, she was fine, but she punched the sliding screen door all the way
out of it's moorings, and bent it so that it would not  fit back in place.
 She also had torn holes in it.  She felt really bad after breaking the
back door and she apologised profusely, afterwards.  We replaced it so the
landlord would be happy with us.  
   There was a perfectly good doggiedoor sitting there the whole time, not
6" away from where she chose to exit!


Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Joan Bradl » Mon, 31 Oct 1994 06:03:02

Recently while the dogs were taking their humans for a walk, they were in
their usual big hurry to get to the corner telephone pole. In fact the
female, Mali, was so intent on getting a good whiff of it that she stuck
her head right under the male's raised leg. You guessed it. He peed on
her head. The worst part is that she didn't seem to mind it. Just shook
her head and set out for the next stop. She wasn't thrilled to get hosed
off before she was let in the house, and the male, Jake, redeemed himself
by helping*** her dry.


Joan Bradley


Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by marc christopher maest » Tue, 01 Nov 1994 06:56:13


>Subject: Stupidist thing your dog has done
>Date: 28 Oct 1994 21:08:06 -0400
>What is the stupidist thing your dog has done?
>I think this will be a funny thread!

I have a Boston Terrier named puck. She is almost two years old.  When she
was just  a puppy she decided to go for a trip.  In my house there is a
laundry shoot that goes from the third floor into the ba***t.  The door
for it is located on the floor.  Early one morning when I was throwing my
clothes down the shoot Puck decided to chase my clothes.  She dropped from
the third floor to the ba***t.  I ran down terrified to see what happened
to her. When I opened the shoot in the ba***t she just looked at me with a
dazed look.  Luckily wash had not been done in a few days, this gave Puck a
soft cushy landing.  She no longer will go near the shoot anymore.



Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Samantha Blak » Tue, 01 Nov 1994 09:48:27

I've laughed at Harley try to walk through a glass sliding door (ouch!), lift his leg on my housemate's dog wilst she was squatting, and run full pelt with a rope, looking over his shoulder at another dog (ha, ha, can't catch me!), tangle his legs and do a beautiful nose-dive into the grass.
But watching him play by himslef, tossing toys into the air & growling at imaginary foes, is what really cracks me up:-)

He's also walked into a few poles whilst busy sniffing flowers or looking at me:)

Sam & the Dopey-Dog


Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Miia Maarit Susanna Silvennoin » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 02:27:49

My Papillon Lady jumped into the toiled bowl not once, but
three times before she learned to check if the lid was
down. She just wanted to keep me company while I was
washing up. Each time she was pretty scared, but couldn't
get out until I pulled her. Wasn't too proud of herself
afterwards, either.

Susanna and Lady the Wonderdog


Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by LARRY ALLEN SON » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 03:13:44

Hmmm.....Sassy, our American***er Spaniel, learned one of those hard
lessons in life this weekend.

She jumped up onto a bed, which is a no-no.  When she heard the beginning of
the usual "get down", she figured she'd try conning us into letting her
stay just a little longer by going the *** route.  She rolled onto
her back....CLUNK!....right off the edge.  Bummer.



Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Jill Pappenhag » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 06:05:16

Tasha had learned how to jump up on the bed as a puppy.  As she got older,
she didn't quite know how to compensate for the additional weight and
strength and her jumps got quite...fantastic.

Several times, she landed so hard that she launched the entire bed about a
foot across the room.  Until she really got the perfect touch, there were
times when she would over compensate and jump completly OVER the bed,
landing (kerplunk, SPLAT) on the floor on the other side and skidding into
the wall.

Talk about a good laugh before bed!

Jill and the berner clowns

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Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Art L. Ko » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 03:18:37

When I was in high school, my parents had a couple Lhasas (one the mother
of the other).  The high point of any day for them was to chase the
squirrels from the deck.  The mother would race to within a foot of the
edge of the deck and stop abruptly barking her fool head off at the
squirrel who would lazily leap into a nearby tree.

The younger dog saw this as some sort of competition and would try to get
there first or get closer to the edge.  Well, one day the inevitable
happened... on a snowy winter day, the younger dog stopped at the edge only
to find traction to be gone... slip, yelp!  and there is a rather confused
lhasa jumping unhurt out of the snowbank under the deck.

Stupid ... maybe.  One could also argue that that is just part of the
learning curve.  Well, I guess the learning curve didn't have much slope to
it, because in the spring as the snow was melting, slip ...yelp.  And a
slightly bruised lhasa got up and went about his business.  We started
putting string or ribbons along the edge of the deck in case he didn't
understand where the edge was.  This helped, but again later in the summer
- slip, yelp ... Over the course of the rest of his life, he went over the
edge at least once more, but never showed any fear of racing right up to
the edge of the deck with toenails*** over the edge to chase the
squirrels away.

Fortunately, He never broke any bones, but he bruised himself badly enough
to have a limp for a couple hours twice that I am aware of.

Disclaimer: ... my opinions, etc. ...


Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Cindy Tittle Moo » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 02:52:08

This happened yesterday:

I took a shower, turned the dogs outside while I did so.  I happened
to close both the screen door and the sliding glass door.  When I came
down to let the back in, I opened the sliding door, and they both charged
in -- right into the screen door!

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Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Valerie Chapm » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 04:17:14

Nick-the-***-rotten-dog, AKA garbage dog, was scrounging around after
a party and stuck his nose into one of those 16-oz beer cups and then
couldn't get it off. He looked pretty stoopid.
Valerie, owned by Nick, Norm and Dot

Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Scott Schaef » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 05:23:40

>I took a shower, turned the dogs outside while I did so.  I happened
>to close both the screen door and the sliding glass door.  When I came
>down to let the back in, I opened the sliding door, and they both charged
>in -- right into the screen door!

Stella used to have a similar problem.  We have two sliding glass
doors that open into the backyard.  When at home, we would often leave
one of the doors open so she and her brother could go in and out as
they pleased.  

A couple of times, Stella got confused as to which of the two doors
was open.  She'd be racing back inside and WHAMMO!  She'd pick the wrong
one.  Luckily, she never broke the glass or her noggin.

We ended up taping big pieces of paper on the glass, right at dog-eye
level.  It seems to have solved the problem.

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Stupidist thing your dog has done

Post by Ute R.Willmo » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 08:14:25

Princess, my beagle/mix who died last year, absolutly hated water. She would
drink water, but other than that found no use for it. When hiking, she would
cross a creek on a log jam, or jumping from rock to rock, so she wouldn't
get her feet wet. She would refuse to go outside when it was raining, sometimes
for 24 hours...

A few year ago, I was him\king in Germany with friends and Princess. It was
a beautiful October afternoon. The leave have turned red, golden, orange and
the sun is shinning. Its warm but not hot, and there is no wind at all.

After a while, we passed by this pond. We stopped to look, because with
the sunshine and no breeze the surrounding trees were refecting perfectly in
the dark water. It was like getting the fall colors in stereo, very peaceful
when suddenly we here this -- splash. I look and can't find Princess. She is
leashed, but the leash is pointing into the water... A gentle tuck and sure
enough, Princess pops up out of the pond, looking very confused. She starts
to paddle around and another tuck on the leash got her turned around towards

Once she was on dry land, she shook herself and then gave me a very confused
yet accusing look, as if to say: Why didn't you tell me that WATER? I thought
it grass!

It was one of two occasions, that I say Princess getting into water, in all
of her 11.5 years. The second time, she was close to heat exhaustion.