New change in how to help do who needs surgery and owner has no $

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New change in how to help do who needs surgery and owner has no $

Post by sh.. » Tue, 04 Apr 2000 04:00:00

The Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists do not want checks. There was an
error in communication on my part.
They will only accept MONEY ORDERS made out to them or as they put it
"have people write a check to you and you you cash it"
Anyone getting a money  order written out to Tampa Bay Veterinary
Specialists, I will be glad to reimburse you for the money order and an
additional dollar for gas and postage.
I just got this news myself today and had no idea. I had been told by
someone  checks were OK but the bookeeper says "NO" because they only
take out of state checks when the person is a a client who is there in
person issuing them one check.
Thank you so very much for understanding.

ps- leave it to me to have this happen! I have opened a free savings
account which I did not have in case anyone really does believe me and
sends a check to me in my name. I swear to you I am not looking to make
a dime for myself. I will verify anything you need to know including my
disability payment, rent, etc. And of course vet situation.
orginal letter:

Hello, my name is Stephanie Hyde.
I live in St. Petersburg, FL. I am on Social Security disability and
receive $584 dollars per month. My rent is $412 and that does not
include electric. I get $108 in food stamps and medicaid. I pay a high
rent and am not in subsidized housing because I can't get in anywhere
with 3 pets and I have 2 cats and a dog. Even the places that do let you
in, the dog must be under 20 lbs and you can only have one pet. So that
is that. I would never abandon my children. I know there are people who
could love them as much as I do and maybe better but I would never
traumatize them by sending them away. We are a small but loving family
unit, the 4 of us. If I sent one away, eveyone would feel it and coming
from a broken home myself I will not break up my own. Anyway about a
month ago, my golden retriever mix was hit by a van in a church parking
lot we wre walking through during the week in broad daylight. The man
got *** with me and refuses to pay anything. I had to not pay critical
bills to cover the  $400 in vet bills for the laceration she sustained
from the accident. I have the receipts for those. Since that time, it
has been determined that she is going to need orthopedic surgery on her
leg. She has a severe luxaing pateller and ruptured cruciate ligament.
Luxating patellers come in degrees, each degree basing the severeity of
the luxation. Her's is the wort there is. So much so, that of the 3
person vets at VetSmart where she is a client, none want to touch it.
They say it is too severe and have referred me to a board certified
veterinarian surgeon who handles more sophisticated work like this. His
fee is going to be between $700-$800, I just got updated today. To my
name, in my 'savings account" I guess you could say I have $154-. I
don't want to touch it, I want to use that towards her surgery. No
matter what comes up between now and then I have to save that for her. I
called all the bd certified surgeons in my state, there are not that
many and I got the names off the web from the surgical website
organzization. All want the same money, even the vet school in
Gainesville and all want the money paid up front. My vet surgeon wants
50% down when I drop her off and the remaining 50% on the day I pick her
up. That is better than one place I called. They want 75% down!!!!! It
is the policy of these places to do this since they deal in large
figures compared to regular vets and see alot of clients they will never
see again, they are just being referred to the specialist. So they don't
take chances with the money I guess is the reason. Really I don't know.
That is the reason I was given when I asked at the place nearest me. I
do not have the money and no where to turn. I am at the mercy of people
who can help with a donation the size of which only they can be the
judge. While I hate to put it this way, the sooner I get the amount I
need, the fast she gets the surgery. The vet says she needs it NOW.
There was a time when I was not disabled. I gave freely of my money to
animal causes and indiviuals then. I remember being in a part of a big
city once where I did not live but was passing through coming from
somewhere. I was with my mother and we stopped at a gas station for gas.
I saw a man who seemed down on his luck and perhaps homeless. He had a
young dog with him. I could see the dog was very young. As humble as his
siutation was, the man was at the gas station with a container cut in
half and was using it to get water for his dog. I was so touched and
almost brought to tears that I gave him $25 cash and said, "please use
this on the dog" and walked away. My mother was shocked. "Did you give
that man some money?" she asked. Some people can get that tender feeling
when they see a dog or pet in need. Tum, my dog in need I had adopted
from a shelter that is a kill shelter. They kill about 13,000 dogs a
year there. I don't want to say "I saved her life" but it id a county
pound where the dogs are put down if not adopted after a short period of
time of "being on display". They are not fostered out or 'kept alive no
matter what'. The county says they just don't have the money for that
and they have to move the old out to make room for the new. Since it is
the county pound, they gon't get private donations like some other
rescue places. It is horrible and painful to think of beautiful animals
being put to sleep simply because there are not enough people to adopt
them and for no other reason. I could cry. I have done that. Cried that
 I went to the pound one day to sneak in and walk thorugh just to tuck
a treat in the cagees of the dogs. While I did not get that far, I saw a
dog that was there for his last day and it was closing time and no one
had adopted him. I get so misty eyed and choked up thinking about this
dog. She was only 1 year old and a mix exactly like my Tum and had the
same scared but loving nature. She had been in the pound long enough and
her time was up. What a life to end that way in a cold damp place,
noisy. I cry when I think of it. I am not the kind of person who handles
these things well. I wish in some ways I had aopted her that day. I take
it back, I wish I had adopted her. I could have them taken her to a
shelter that does not destroy dogs. But I did not think of that that
day. All I knew was that I live in a small one bedroom apt. with a dog
already and 2 cats and had no room for her, nor was I allowed to have
her here without permission and the cost. I wish to God though that Ihad
adopted her. If you would like more information from me or copies of
anything for proof or numbers to call, etc. let me know. What I have
arranged with the referral place is for anyone wishing to help Tum, to
write out a check to: Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists Service and to
put on the bottom of the check "surgery for Tum Hyde'. Rather than have
checks sent to them, they don't have the manpower to do my bookeeping,
they would like me to collect the checks made out to them and with
"surgery for Tum Hyde" on the bottom and when I get what I need to bring
the checks over. This is an act of faith. I have never done anything
like this before. My mailing address is: Stephanie Hyde, 4623 Overlook
Dr. NE. St. Petersburg, FL 33703. But remember, no check in my name.
Only made out to the above place with the notation on it. I am going to
keep a record of who sends what so I can maybe repay people someday when
I get better. If I get any checks (and maybe I am thinking grandiosely
but why not be positive) after I get enough, I will return anything that
comes in as I could not nor would I cash it anyway. That would be
dishonest. I am not looking to make money here nor am I looking for a
hand out. I am looking for some loving, caring people to help me help my
girl. Thank you so much for listening. Please feel free to foward this
information to anyone you think might like to receive it or to post it
on any pet bulletin boards. This is the only way this little fighter is
going to make it. By the way, she is going on 3 years old. Love and
thank you so very much for your time and patience in reading our story.
Love, Stephanie and Tum


New change in how to help do who needs surgery and owner has no $

Post by mookeysm » Tue, 04 Apr 2000 04:00:00

make sure to report any checks in your name & saving account info to soc-sec.
they will nail you if you dont,

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