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Post by Hank and Constance Parke » Tue, 11 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Here is a little information about us:

Our Mission

To practice a quality breeding program that produces healthy,
genetically sound dogs that meet AKC breed standards.

Kennel Profile

Povrlrd Kennels was founded in August 1985 as Parkerhaus Kennels by
Constance and Hank Parker. Constance spent much of her life involved
with dogs, but created Parkerhaus when we started an active professional
involvement in the dog world with our first Rottweiler. We changed our
name to Paragon in 1986 when we began our involvement with Mastiffs. In
1996, we registered the name "Povrlrd" because other breeders were using
the name Paragon. We are no longer involved with the Rottweiler breed,
but are actively working with the French Bulldog and Mastiff breeds. Our
professional involvement includes the following:

     Member of Mastiff Club of America (MCOA).
     Constance is the MCOA Genetic Data Collection Chairperson
and           maintains the Genetic Data Collection List.
     Member of Midwest Mastiff Fanciers.
     Member of French Bull Dog Club of America (FBDCoA).
     Owners/editors of Friends of the French Bulldog.

Anyone needing help or information please say Hello.

Remember Truth and Honesty through Genetic Testing.

Constance Parker