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Post by Ace & Ca » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Mom and Dad have the most wonderfully Sheltie.
(Clyde...why?...don't know, he just looked like a Clyde)

Clyde is full of energy, is a whirling dervish type of dog, has to check
out everything, and afraid of nothing!
Clyde used to be VERY vocal... the neighbors used to complain.

not anymore...
No, Clyde was not debarked, Clyde was taught two commands... "speak" and
"quiet". Clyde was taught these two very well... so well in fact that if
Clyde is out in his run in the yard (usually a house dog) and sees a
squirrel and starts to bark... and does bother the neighbor who is
outside, the neighbor yells, "Clyde, be QUIET" (and usually the neighbor
doesn't have to say it very loud). This reminds Clyde that his noise is
NOT welcome and he stays "quiet". That's all it takes... the neighbors
are happy, and sometimes even "show off" for visiting freinds that the
"dog next door" listens to them.
My folks have been asked by several people to help "quiet" their own
dogs...of course they help.
The key factor here was communication. The neighbors let my folks know
there was a problem (politely). My folks trained and corrected the
problem and even let the neighbors participate so that Clyde would not
be a "problem dog".

Of course, it is a friendly neighbohood, which is not as common as it
used to be... (and since the sound of a lawnmower hurts his ears, they
make sure that Clyde is in the house when neighbors are mowing)
Not all Shelties have problems with barking.


Quote: An untrained dog is a hazard to himself...and others.