dogsitting neighbour's GR

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dogsitting neighbour's GR

Post by Mary Portel » Thu, 22 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for some advice. Our neighbours have a 1yo GR named Bear who
they have asked us to puppysit for a week in July. He is behind an
electric fence all day, rarely gets walked and sleeps inside at night in
his crate. I believe they are assuming that we will go visit a few times
a day to feed him and give him fresh water.
  I have always been concerned about the way that Bear is treated but
"lack of attention" is not grounds for calling out animal control. I didn't
notice the "lack of attention" problem until a few months ago (it became
apparent once Bear was not a cuddly baby any more) and by then we already
had two dogs otherwise I would have offered to have Bear move in with us
and have the kids visit anytime (which they do anyway).
  Anyway, my question is when we do take care of him for a week, should we
bring him to our house (he gets on great with our lads and needs the doggy
socialisation too) or not? I know he'd love living with us but would it be
too *** him to go back to living behind his fence? He always watches
longingly as I take our lads walking. Would he more likely to dash through
his fence once he'd tasted another life? Thanks in advance for your opinions,


Mary Portelly (mum to Troop and Casper)
"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.
Inside a dog, it's too dark to read". - Groucho Marks.