Teddy brag and Buck brag!

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Teddy brag and Buck brag!

Post by Dais » Tue, 11 Nov 1997 04:00:00

This is just a brag!  Teddy's doing so well in obedience class.
I moved his leash up to drape on my shoulder today, and he was
great.  I definitely need to work on attention and getting him to
look at my knee and not my face, because he does not always heel
straight since he likes to look up at me.  But he's doing great
on turns and about-faces and everything, and he's learning downs
while moving.  :-)

And my Buck brag -- today I took Buck, Teddy and Sadie to the dog
park...  Buck did a great job of "find Teddy" and find my
daughter and he didn't jump on me once!  I was amazed.  :-)  He
also got Sadie back to us a few times when she wandered off with
some other woman who happened to look a bit like me (Sadie's only
4.5 months and she's not mine -- I'm babysitting her -- and she
wasn't always sure in the beginning who she was supposed to stay
with... :-)  

Buck and Teddy are such good dogs.  :-)  

take care all,