Buddy Needs Help

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Buddy Needs Help

Post by Dogshelt » Wed, 29 May 1996 04:00:00

Buddy is a chow/shepherd mix who has been kept in a cage for almost all of
his 8 months of life.  Then the people who had kept him caged moved and
left him in the cage with no food and no water.  Fortunately the landlord
found him after three days and saved him.  She is watching over him but
she already has three dogs and there is a law limiting the number of dogs
a person can have in Denver to 3 so she must find a new home for Buddy.  

She reports that he is a handsome fellow weighing about 74 pounds.  He is
reddish brown with the body of a chow but leggy like a shepherd.  He loves
children and other dogs.  He's been nuetered and is current on health

Because of his past treatment he is timid with new people but when he
realizes that he is safe he loves them.  He has a great sense of humor and
loves to play.  He loves other dogs too.  

The landlord may be cited for a violation of the Denver law any day so
time is of the essence.  If you can help Buddy, please email me
immediately and I will get you in touch with the woman who is caring for

Thanks very much,
Lee Wheeler
Midwest Animal Shelter