No more Hall Monitor

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No more Hall Monitor

Post by Tara O » Thu, 26 Apr 2001 12:04:46

I thought this was a trip and of course, decided to share it.  I was
informed today by my very official-sounding 5yo daughter that I just simply
CANNOT be a Hall Monitor.

You see, a friend came over after work who happened to ask why I have Hall
Monitor in my sig line.  I told her that I tend to act similar to one at
times on ngs and Amie (my daughter) interrupted me to say that I'm
definitely not a Hall Monitor.  I do not go to school, I do not have a
special pin and I do not carry a "those things you hold that have a
clippy-thing on them" (clipboard).

She also informed me that being Hall Monitor was a really cool thing that
all the kids wanted to do because it meant the teacher liked you best
(wonder where that logic came from...hopefully not the teacher).

Well about this time, Summer, who was stationed on Amie's right, chose to
grumble at me.  I looked at her and asked what she knew about these things
anyway and the rotten lil thing actually huffed & grumbled some more at me.
Amie patted her on the head and told her "that's right, you tell her" and
Summer, on que, barks!

So, after a mighty long story that none of you asked for, I now come to the
conclusion.  I will no longer be signing as The Hall Monitor because I'm
just not cool enough and I don't have a clippy-thing  ;-)

Tara O.
The (imposter) Hall Monitor
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