Stopping dog jumping..How?

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Stopping dog jumping..How?

Post by Christy » Thu, 07 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Is he getting his paws on you when he jumps? If he is and you have ALOT of
energy put him on a lead and get him to jump on someone. That someone
should guickly sidestep outa the way and turn his back to the dog saying
"OFF!" as growly as possible. Once the dogs feet are one the ground again
praise him, get him e***d and set him up again to jump. This method can
take guite awhile since at 2 years old I'm guessing your dog has had lots
of successful jumps. For every single good jump he gets in you'll have many
more exercises like this to overcome his incentive to jump. The idea is to
take away the dogs incentive, which is to get closer to you and your face.

Also, once the dog seems to understand what off means, redirect him with
another command before you praise. (If you're practicing on another person
have them wait untill the dog is under control in the new command before
turning back around.) A 'sit' command is fine.

Another time to teach the dog that you want him to be calm is when you
return from being away from him. Make the dog sit calmly before you greet
him when you get home. Ignore him until he sits nicely.
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> My two year old lab, Hershey is an extremely friendly dog and gets
> very easily. If I am out walking and he sees someone coming towards us he
> starts to jump and if they come to talk he will jump on them. How can I
> stop him from doing this. He also does it when people come to the house
> visit although he is not too bad with my wife and daughter. Thanks

> Michael