Bark Bark Bark -- HEEEELLLPP!

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Bark Bark Bark -- HEEEELLLPP!

Post by Mous » Sat, 11 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have a 14 week-old lab pup.  Now, I know he is in his TERRIBLE TWO phase,
but in the past two weeks, his barking has increased to almost non-stop! Can
anyone help me?

Most specifically, do NO-BARK collars work?  It's about the only thing I
haven't tried.  If so, what brands?


* He used to only bark at people moving around near the yard or if I left
him outside a bit too long by himself (he does fine playing by himself for
about 30 minutes at a time, whether or not I'm there, but does get lonely
(again, whether or not I'm outside with him) and needs to get his "people
fix" after that (after all, he's just a baby!)

* He never used to bark when he was with us, which made any barking out in
the yard hard to correct (and there wasn't much that needed correcting)

* Now, he barks ALL THE TIME!  In the yard, in the house, in the kennel, in
our laps, it doesn't matter!  Sometimes it is a demand (PLAY WITH ME
*MORE*!), sometimes at every little butterfly and bug, sometimes at nothing
at all, as far as I can tell!

* He is a ***-natured dog, but is learning that his lowly place in the
family pack is not negotiable by now (still tests the limits, but that's to
be expected, isn't it? ).  However, he NEVER growls, and doesn't show signs
of aggression, just ***.

**Things we have tried:

- we have NEVER given him attention while he barks.  Except for the one-time
bark (a single bark that means "I want to come in"), we ignore him (no eye
contact, leaving the room, etc.) until he calms down, then praise him -- but
I have to do it for like 30 minutes repeatedly until he "gets" it, then have
to go through the whole thing again an hour or two later... it's NOT working
the way the books say it will.

- I have tried a remote lead that I can pick up discretely and pull to
distract him, then give the NO BARK command...  No results, yet, and I'm
following the directions to the letter, as far as I can tell.

- The can of pennies doesn't work AT ALL!  At first, I think it was because
he decided to bark louder over it because he didn't like the sound.  Then,
he figured out I was doing it, and barked even harder (he's very observant).

- Water gun doesn't work, either.  (Managed to fool him about where it was
coming from for a while, but it didn't matter...)

- I thought maybe he doesn't get enough play/exercise, but I'm exhausted
from upping his levels, and it isn't helping...

- He's been to the vet -- no health problems that could be causing him to
"act up"

- Can't stand to try to teach the bark/no bark command PAIR... even with
earplugs, his bark HURTS my ears!  I'm almost in tears from the pain!

PLEASE, I'm at my wit's end!  I don't mind a dog having vocal tendencies,
but this is RIDICULOUS!  I don't want to de-bark him.  I love him and don't
want to try to find new home for him, either.

Can anyone help?  Is there a no-bark collar that works that doesn't cost
hundreds of dollars (I checked DejaNews, and the only old messages I could
find about the subject were talking about REALLY expensive models.  Seems
like a lot to pay for something I don't really know will work...)

Thanks in advance!

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