Lost Dachshunds in Texas

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Lost Dachshunds in Texas

Post by Ronnie R. Henr » Mon, 27 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Recently in the Rio Grande Valley some people have taken it on themselves to
steal (borrow) dogs from devoted homes and owners.  We live in Weslaco,
Texas and have been victimized by these persons.

On Monday 20 April 98, our two dachshunds (black/tan markings on both,
male - long hair named Corky and female - smooth hair, named Mitzie) were
taken from our home.  This devoted pair is desperately sought by us and may
have been taken everywhere in the US since this area is frequent by migrant
farmworkers and winter texans (commonly called snowbirds elsewhere).

We hope and pray that someone may have picked this pair up and is trying to
return them home, but if not, we are asking that all you great dog and
animal lovers be on the look out for them.  We would appreciate your help.

concerning them.  Again Thanks for any assistance you might be able to

For Your Info:
Another thing working against dog owners in S.TX is satanic cults.  For
example, in Donna, a town adjacent to Weslaco, there are a number of such
cults who main activities seem to be causing death and destruction to small
animals, but now has even included the death of a local 12 year boy who was
walking to play baseball with some friends.