After Grooming It Always Happens...

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After Grooming It Always Happens...

Post by Post Office Cle » Thu, 16 Mar 1995 07:49:34

>Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 10:16:35 -0800
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>> After my dog (a***-a-poo) get his haircut he always comes home with
>> several strange symptoms. 1. He***s his behind and his underside
>> incessantly. Why? 2. He shakes his head a lot. It's as if he got
>> in his ears. This behavior last for a few weeks and then gradually fades.
>> What's happening?

>If the groomer has used a very hot clipper blade in the groin area of the

dog, it could be sensitive and your dog will likely*** it trying to make
it less sensitive.  Also sometimes when a dog has his ***glands squeezed
they*** their groin area because they can't get at the ***area.
Sometimes my clients will ask me not to express the ***glands for this
very reason.  Another possibility might be that your dog is reacting to the
shampoo; this will often make them*** and scratch.

Is your groomer clipping the hair away from the ears, leaving them very
short, or are the ears being left with lots of hair?  Sometimes when a dog
has his ears completely shaved down, the feeling is quite different than
when the ears had a lot of hair, so they shake their heads alot.  Cockapoos
usually have fairly large ear canals (as do***ers) and perhaps the groomer
has gotten some water in the canal.  Ask her if she takes care not to get
water in the ears?


>Pat Field, Prof. Groomer, Unionville, Ontario, Canada