2 Fox Terriers Need Homes - (S.W. WA 42 miles N. of Portland, OR)

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2 Fox Terriers Need Homes - (S.W. WA 42 miles N. of Portland, OR)

Post by NOTERRI » Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:00:00

>Snapper is 12 years old but appears half that old; his teeth appear in
>excellent condition, he appears to be in excellent health and it is
>obvious  he has been given extremely good care by his prior owners who,
>due to their old age, were just admitted to a nursing home.  He will go
>his adopter with all new shots just completed.  He is totally
>and very well socialized and of EXCELLENT TEMPERAMENT which is more

What a heart of Gold you have, Mr. Back.  Don't tell me you haven't
already sent those two Norwich off to their new home yet. Didn't you place
them through your private advertising media,
what's it called the INTC  or is it the NTIC or is it the NNL list.
What ever, Mr. Back.  It is what I said it was, your own little source
where you mill puppies and old dogs.    Guess that is better
than having them stored in one of your multiple crates in your living
room.  However, do you find time to care for all those dogs, Mr. Back.  12
Norfolk. What are they 11 ***es and one dog?  What is that 36 puppies a
year times $1000, can't get rich that way, can you?   What are you stuck
with all the ones with
hip dysplasia and lux. patella.  Can't sell those Mr. Back?

Is this dog going to be like Tulley, the Norwich.  Skin problems, biting
his skin to the bone.  What would you do if you couldn't advertise on
Dejanews.com?  When I read the rules, it said"No advertisng."    

Nursing home, boy, that is a tear jerker.  So you were their first choice.
 Guess if their children wouldn't take them in, they sure as heck wouldn't
take in their 12 year old dog.  Is this another one of your"soft hearted
look how nice I am" stories?    Mr. Back, if you are in so tight with
Smooth Fox Terrier Rescue, why didn't you leave it to them to handle this
rescue?????Why don't they have the dog?    Is is the same story as with
other Rescue Organizations, they know you and won't help you recycle your
dogs?  Big problem.  Please tell me I am wrong?


Tim Terrier
Opinions and questions are my own.  Though I could list a trillion
organizations that I am a member of, I don't want to try and" out do" Mr.
Back on that vein, or should that be vane or is it vain?  Hey, who
cares....it doesn't change a thing.  You are what you are. I am here for
you Mr. Back.  I am still here on your play ground until you clean up your
Tim Terrier

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