It's unusually quiet

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It's unusually quiet

Post by Jerry How » Thu, 28 Nov 2002 22:45:30

Another excellent point for SHORE, melinda.

That's HOWE COME you and your dog lover
pals got to find your own private list.

Perhaps ed w of http://www.petloss.coN will
suggest another unique name, like NINNYBOY?

Let's go, people.

You can't keep misadvising and wastin our good
reader's time who are lookin for HELP with their
dog behavior problems entertaining our marquis
de "read koehler for content" shaw's and
gentleman jack morrison's and liea's and leah's and
melinda's and our professor SCRUFF SHAKES and
professora CHIN CHUCKS.

Our dog lovers have hurt enough dogs on our forums.

The Puppy Wizard. <TPW;~:}


> >Besides the standard issue cubes, Commodore

> !!

> >had the Mentor Room
> >set up for the engineers (and select good friends).  It was dead
> >quiet, the stereo system was awesome, and the lights were kept
> >low.

> The networking behemoth has "quiet rooms," also tiny,
> scattered about each floor, but that's always struck me as
> pretty backwards.  The default should be quiet, and people
> who are making noise (conversations, phone calls, etc.) are
> the ones who should segregate themselves from the rest of
> the worker bees.
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