Vet tech and vet said

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Vet tech and vet said

Post by AVRAMA GINGO » Mon, 04 Jan 1999 04:00:00

KM> > Since that time, I have read time and time again of people holding their
KM> > pets when they were put to sleep. I stopped going to that vet place
KM> > because I was not happy with the service but am still wondering if there
KM> > are legitimate reasons some professionals have for not wanting people to
KM> > hold their pets when they ae euthanized.

   First of all, many times vets have had experience with owners
   who go to pieces just before the dog is about to be euthanized,
   thus frightening even morethe dog, who otherwise might not be
   frightened; after all, by the time we bring a dog to be euthanized
   he has visited the vet hundreds of times.

   From what you write, you were present; the vet just did not want
   you to HOLD the dog.  The question of holding the dog steady,
   and in the proper position, must also be considered.

   Secondly, and this is a tad more complex, most vets intensely
   dislike putting dogs down, for all they may know rationally that
   euthanasia is the only loving action that can be taken.  Their
   own discomfort level makes them not want anyone around to make
   them more nervous.

   I would hope that you'd go to a vet with whom your relationship
   was such that you could explain, rationally and calmly, that you
   wanted to be with the dog at the end, and that you believed your
   holding the animal would calm him, rather than transmit your own

KM> > have known better and stood up for my rights. P.S In addition, the vet
KM> > did not give a relaxer first, then the 2nd needle. He just gave her one
KM> > which made her yelp, then she was gone. It was very painful to watch. Is
KM> > this normal? No relaxer? Why would the pup yelp?

    How did the pup (how old was it?) usually act when given a needle?
    Normally the relaxant is needed more by the owner than by the dog.

avrama & shomer

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