Stupidest thing your dog has done

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Stupidest thing your dog has done

Post by leel » Thu, 08 Dec 1994 09:48:58

My 6 month old lab/german shep puppy has not yet learned that after running
around in a wet back yard, her paws will slide when she runs on the patio.  
I don't know how many times she has seen me standing by the sliding glass
door and she comes a runnin'.  She can't stop and WHAM*OOOF right into the
door.  The first few times she did this I thought for sure she had broken
something.  But it has never phased her at all.  She does it again 10
minutes later.  When she get a little bigger I'm afraid she'll knock over
the house!

Beth & Kahless


Stupidest thing your dog has done

Post by Vanessa Guinevere Pill » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 09:20:39

Our dog Atom was the stupidest dog I have ever met.  He was also about 125
lb. and my father was the only person in the family who had even a semblance
of control over him.  Once, he got loose and there was a woman in front of
our house who was putting her baby in a carseat.  Her car door was open so
Atom decided he would like to go for a ride with this lady and her baby.  he
jumped in the back seat with the baby.  This woman did not know us or Atom
and she completely lost it.  She Started yelling "help the Dog's eating My
Baby!!"  Of course, Atom wasn't eating the baby, he was waiting for a car
ride.  We apologized and tried to explain he wasn't a mean dog, just dumb.
she wasn't too convinced, however.  

Another time, at our new house, Atom got loose again and a man in a
wheelchair was going down the street.  Atom ran up to the man and peed on
the chair.  Again, we apologized and tried to clean up the chair.  the man
was pretty pissed (no pun intended) and just left.  A couple years later, I
was in Germany and met a girl from the same suburb.  Somehow or another, we
started talking about pets and I told her this story.  She Started laughing
tremendously and said "my god, that was my brother!".  


Stupidest thing your dog has done

Post by Kathy Mos » Sun, 11 Dec 1994 01:57:56

We have a pair of labs.  One night Truf wanted to climb into her favorite
chair.  However, Annie was sleeping on the floor right in front of it -
right where Truf needed to put her feet to climb into the chair.  She
studied the problem from all angles for several minutes and finally decided
that perhaps Annie would make a good stepstool.  About the time she had
her front feet on the chair and her back feet on Annie's side, Annie woke
up and decided she didn't concur with the "Annie as stepstool" idea.  She
rolled over and stood up, dumping Truf rather unceremoniously to the floor.
At that point Truf gave up, went upstairs, and went to sleep in her bed,
whereupon Annie climbed into the chair and went to sleep again herself.

                                        Kathy Moser