Greyhound rescue centres

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Greyhound rescue centres

Post by ba.. » Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Does anybody know of any Greyhound Rescue
Centres or Groups Outside of the U.K. Or
any others in the world other than the main
ones that can be found on the Web ?

Why I ask is I work with an organisation
called R.A.G.S. That is Rescues Against
Greyhound Subsidies, you can find our web
page at as well
as R.A.G.S. information on some of the
larger web sites dedicated to greyhound
rescue, the thing is we are trying to do
is build up more contacts worldwide with
people involved with greyhound rescue
issues. If you know of any such
organisations please feel free to contact
me by E-Mail, do not worry  if these
organisations have no Internet presence,
we will be able to contact them by
conventional mail. So now you have read
this PLEASE take a look at our web site
and if you know of any organisations
anywhere in the world please let us know,
only by working together can we hopefully
do something about the dreadful plight
suffered by such a loveable and docile

Thank you for your time and patience in
reading this letter.



Greyhound rescue centres

Post by Mary Schmi » Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Barry, I don't believe that any of us associated at any level of animal
rescue can be totally unaware of the situation involving individual /
government financial involvement .... that can be any individual or any
government .... overbreeding whether deliberte or accident results in a
lot of money for some people.

Animal rescue people are held up to be silly individuals who have really
nothing better to do and really don't have any concept of the "real"
world ... my position of animal rescue plus the added part of my being
holistic in my approach ... that I would dare to question that "holy"
station of "man" being the superior being ... that animal being dumb,
without soul, without feelings is somehow the plan of God ... has put me
in the position of being even "sillier" than you.

We are going forward ... it doesn't always feel that way, but if you
question that, just look behind you ...

Over the last month there were 2 items that hit prime time tv that, in
my opinion, could not have possibly been aired even 5 years ago ... one
was the deployable conditions surrounding the "wild horse" round-up and
the "warehousing" in these out-of-the-way places ... the second was the
big business of horse slaugher ... and the promotion of our government
(USA) of horse meat for the American table ...

It is my observation that these conditions exist best in secret ...

I write ... maybe not well ... but I write ... I don't expose but I
question ... and I find that people with secrets don't like questions

In answer to the questions about Greyhound rescue ... you'll get most,
if not all groups of any size, if not directly, through links to
different pages straight off the net ... I'm, through my rescued Afghan
Hound, Alex associated with New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program
(NJGAP) ... well, shave him down and Alex thinks he's a Greyhound ...
and as a Ttouch Practitioner for Companion Animals I will work with any
rescue group that asks me ... I also should have an article coming out
in our (local) Ex-Greyhound Rescue Publication at the end of this month
.. in an attempt to take that mystery away from the terms we "new
agers" like to throw around.

I wish you well in your attempts to stop the funding ... be aware that
you will succeed ...

Awareness is our greatest weapon ... we just need to keep on talking and
showing and just being in the way of those who really, really want us to
"go away" and be quiet.

Mary Lynn Schmidt