Unlimited Free Internet Access Down Under?

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Unlimited Free Internet Access Down Under?

Post by AussiePa » Wed, 05 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi there

Well its not entirely free as yet, but I have found this way to do it for
free! I am a member of DingoBlue and whenever I introduce someone to them,
not only the person I introduce gets $60, but I also get $60 which one can
use to pay for any bills with DingoBlue, whether it's internet, long
distance, local calls, or even mobile service! I have been a member for
nearly 2 months now, and I have just started waiving all my bills with my
bonuses! Its great! I have decided to start publicising their service so I
make even more money :) I have all four services with them and I still have
$780 worth left as intro bonuses in my account, which I can use anytime with
no expiry date on them. Hehe, I think it will be sometime before I have to
pay any communication bills again! I am so glad that I found them, as there
are just so many companies out there trying to rip us off. They seem to have
the best value package around. I love the newsgroups as it is like the
medium of us all. I hope you dont mind me posting here but I thought all us
Aussies should be told about this, since its such fantastic package!

Dont be mistaken, I am not a Dingo staff, and am not employed by them at
all. Anyone who joins Dingo will be offered the same incentive program and
everyone will be encouraged to spread the word out for bonuses in return!
Why not I say to myself when one can surf the net, make local, national,
international & mobile calls for free?

I have done a summary of their services so you can view it at a glance:

INTERNET: $25 a month unlimited access, no download limit, no session cut
off limit - take some beating to compete with this! I was with Primus before
who also charged $25 a month, but i only had 200mb download limit, and every
4 hours i get kicked off the net! I think they have just increased that to
300mb but still with a 4 hour maximum connect time before they disconnect
you automatically. And with most other companies, they still charge you by
the hour (gosh, are they going to catch up one day, or they still expecting
that there are so many dumb people out there?????) With dingo, i connect 24
hours a day with a maximum of $25 a month to pay!

LONG DISTANCE: free to join, cheapest rates guaranteed, and with this policy
they refund the difference if you find a cheaper carrier for the calls you
make! calls to the UK is only 15c!

MOBILE: They resell Optus network so services the same as Optus, except much
cheaper!  calls at any time is only 30c a minute, and take this - no monthly
line rental at all! this is like the prepaid service, except the calls are
not charged at $1 a minute! If you have your own mobile, they even supply
the sim card for free!

LOCAL CALLS: They resell Telstra's services, and again, same line rental
($11.75 a month), same service you get as with telstra with all the
additional features if one chooses, but local calls are only 17.5c each
rather than 25c charged by telstra at present!

Well, if you know of any other companies offering better value, better
rates, better incentive program, please let me know, or let us know at the
newsgroup, so we can all benefit from it. Anyhow, if you are paying more
than what I am with dingo, then you should consider visiting their website
and find out more for yourself. Dont forget to use my referral number
(100134041) if you do decide to join!

And remember, every friend you bring on, you make $60! and they also get
$60! but you have got to use the internet to sign on, and quote my referral
number, else neither you nor me will get the $60 bonus.

So take a look at their site, find out anything you need to know about them,
and start saving! Make me $60 richer as well please! :) It all free to join
and will sure save you money! im happy to answer any questions you may have.
at least u hear it from the user point of view!

Below is the standard script Dingo publicise, thats if you would like to

Hi <aaaaa>

Your friend, <bbbbb>, is inviting you to join dingo blue. Were the new
phone and Internet company on the block, offering incredibly low long
distance and local call rates, along with high quality Internet access at
extremely cheap prices, and wed like you to come and try our services to
see what you think. Were confident that youll stick with us once you do.

<bbbbb> is already a happy member of dingo blue, and has nominated you to
join up with us under the Dingo Breeding Program so that you can enjoy the
same great benefits, along with a $60 credit... all for just signing up with
dingo blue!

So start saving, by going to our website now  at
http://www.dingoblue.com.au. As soon as youre signed up and have settled
your first bill, youll be credited with $60 against your account.

If you decide to come back to the dingo blue site later to join up, you will
need your friend's account number (100134041), which you will need to insert
in the appropriate sign up section.  It's that simple.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you soon at
dingo blue!

well, do check them out if you are interested in saving money! c ya! My
referral number again is 100134041. I am confident you will join! Happy


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Unlimited Free Internet Access Down Under?