what in the world am I doing WRONG?

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what in the world am I doing WRONG?

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 06:33:59

You're doin fine nessa. Keep up the training classes with janet.

> I got Hannah a new dog bed today a large foam bolster with a center dug
> covered in fleece.   I put her freshly washed blankie in it.  Bagel did
> in it which surprised me since he's never cared to sleep on a blanket much
> less in a bed.  He will ignore any blanket and prefers the floor.

> Hannah has not been thrilled with the bed.  I moved it by my chair in
> that would help.  I heard her scratching in the bed so I went into the
> kitchen and she was 'digging her hole' in the bed.  then when I said good
> girl that's enough (because she was starting to dig up the fleece) she
> promptly squated down and PEED.

> this is a brand new item on top of a place where she normally will sleep.

> what am I doing wrong?

> Nessa
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