Kit Kat up for adoption :(

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Kit Kat up for adoption :(

Post by Assana Fa » Sat, 04 Jan 1992 05:58:27

Hi all.

Unfortunately I have to put my little kitty up for adoption. My roommate is
developing allergies to her...and so I have to give her up, at least for a while.

Kit kat is 18 months old. She is very well behaved, potty trained, spayed and declawed.
She has also had all her shots so far.  She has been a strictly indoors kitty,
so she's never had fleas or such. She is semi-long hair (not like persians, though),
white with gray patches on her. VERY cute! She is also very affectionate.

I would like to find a nice home for her, where she will get some love and affection.
Also, hopefully somewhere where I can see her once in a while. So, please help! :(

        415/336 4920 (w) or
        408/737 8869 (h)

Thanx a bunch in advance...

-assana :(