Pooooor Teddy

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Pooooor Teddy

Post by dogshel.. » Wed, 20 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Little bity Teddy has had a very difficult year. This 9 pound pomeranian
was kept in a cage a  vet's office for 5 months because his human
companion was in the hospital.  When she got out of the hospital he bit
her.  Now, we really don't know why he did this. Perhaps he was treated
aggressively at the clinic or perhaps he was mad at her for leaving him.
But whatever the reason she has given him up to Midwest Animal Shelter.
He's a darling sweet little boy. He is reddish gold and was very
overweight.  In addition to feeding him too much the woman obviously
yelled at him and jerked on his little collar.  He's now trim and his
heart condition that was caused from being overweight is under control.

Teddy is five years old, he's neutered, heartworm negative and current on
his shots. Teddy needs a home with caring people who will treat him with
gentleness and kindness.  He will respond in kind.  He should not be with
children or other dogs.  If you are interested in adopting Teddy, please
email me.  This poor little boy deserves to know that there are good
people in this world.

Thanks so much,
Lee Wheeler
Midwest Animal Shelter