Elvis Christmas

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Elvis Christmas

Post by marik » Sat, 05 Jan 2008 11:06:14

my friend's Brodie


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>>I was visiting my former boss for Christmas one year, playin with his dog,
>>his wife tells us how her husband my ex boss loves to play with puppets
>>with the
>> dog, and how she was buying one for xmas and put it on her hand, thinking
>> to herself what he would do with the puppet and how he would have so much
>> fun and how much fun the dog would have and all the while she is playing
>> with the puppet imagining the cheery faces of her family on christmas day
>> when the salesman comes up to her and says you know you could amuse
>> yourself for days with that

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>>>I already predicted 911 with the purple screws.

>>> what i post now is connected only to what will be not what 911 was

>>> todays number

>>> mk5000

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>>>> Is there one Elvis item you would like Santa to
>>>> leave under your Christmas tree this year?
>>>> ----
>>>> I'd love to have one of the Thomas Kinkade's
>>>> Graceland prints under mine.
>>>> Elvira

>>> I'd like to have Elvis's 401 K

>>> that is a deliberate number that is really 401000

>>> deliberate numbers do not help without the code

>>> now ADD this nonumerical symbol

>>> to figure out where the purple screws are this time

>>> I don't really like Thomas Kinkade no matter what's in the picture

>>> mk5000

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