Rottweiler puppies born June 26, 97

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Rottweiler puppies born June 26, 97

Post by DobeF » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Knowledgeable dog owners (the type you seek for your puppies, I'm sure)
expect more information before they can decide whether an ad is worth
replying to!  For Rotti's, at a minimum they would expect to see OFA #'s
on parents and grandparents.  Any OFA information on siblings and other
offspring of parents and grandparents would be even better.  I have seen
so many Rotti's with hip dysplasia in my obed classes in the last few
years!   Surgery can cost $1000 and up per hip; without surgery, the dog
might have to be euthanized because of the pain.  And any other
certifications of breed-appropriate screenings for genetic health
disorders should be.

And what about independendent evaluations of the quality and
suitability-for-breeding of the parents, grandparents, and siblings and
other offspring?  Such independent evaluations would include obedience,
agility, tracking, Schutzhund, conformation titles.  Are the parents
working therapy dogs, or search-and-rescue dogs?   In other words, some
info on what went into breeding this litter -  something to tell people
what they would get in puppies from this litter - something other than 'my
dogs are pretty, and up to date on shots, and why not breed them."  People
won't know how the breeding quality of the parents was evaluated if you
don't tell them!

Was the litter 'puppy tested' to determine temperament, to aid in placing
the appropriate puppy with the appropriate owner?  What are you looking
for in owners?  Past history of dog ownership, past history of ownership
of Rotti's? Understanding of the breed, and how to raise and train it?

Without the above information, why would anyone pay more for a puppy than
the adoption fee from a shelter?   ($40-50)  They would not be getting any
information they could not get on a puppy from a shelter or a Rotti rescue
Mary Alice


Rottweiler puppies born June 26, 97

Post by NAN9 » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Rottweiler puppies ready to go Aug. 21, 97 to a new loving home only.  3
Males and 2 Females for sale.  Price starting at $450.00.