Missing dogs in general (Was Re: Missing Schipperke)

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Missing dogs in general (Was Re: Missing Schipperke)

Post by S D Mack » Mon, 10 Jul 1995 04:00:00

: Hello All,
: Just a quick note to anyone who saw an internet post re: my missing dog.
: He has been returned!!!  To non-surfers the story goes:


Thanks Kathleen for posting to the internet for the Fido user.  It's
great to hear that the story has a happy ending. Now comes the reminding
nudge. The Schip owner put the dogs outside in an exercise pen in a
strange place and left them alone?  I hope he gives his head a shake
and thinks twice about that plan at the next show.

On a slightly different note that *wouldn't* have helped in this case.
I have three tags on my dogs collar. Her rabies tag, her license
and her id tag. If she were ever to get lost after vet/city hall hours
I hope her id tag would be of some use.  On it is engraved my home phone
number (answering machine attached), my girlfriend's phone # about 300
miles south of me and last but not least, my email address. She is also
tatooed on the inside of her flank.

I certainly hope I never need all that info, but, if I do need it, I'm sure
glad it's there. While not everyone has access to email, more and more
people are beginning to recognize the addresses and know people who have
access. I know there isn't always space for alot of information, perhaps
if your address won't fit, you have a co-worker or friend who's address
would fit, and, who would be willing to pass on information if your dog
was ever found.

With prayers for missing animals everywhere,
Susan and Luna
(Luna tells me her collar weighs nearly as much as she does! *grin*)