Introduction to the Sled Dog Sports being taught in Colorado

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Introduction to the Sled Dog Sports being taught in Colorado

Post by MLH Bonha » Fri, 08 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Offered by Jeffco Continuing Education -- anyone is allowed to attend.
Feel free to repost to Sibernet, Sammy fans, CANINE-L, etc.

(This is what they wrote up)

Mushing and other sled dog sports are among the fastest growing winter
sports in Colorado.  Gain an understanding of mushing and other related sled
dog activities in a fun, relaxed setting.  Includes the history of mushing;
types of dogs and equipment usedI, types of sled dog racing, other sled dog
sports, and care of the sled dogs as  well as organizations to contact for
more information.  Demo of a sled team in action at class conclusion!
Pay $8 materials fee to instructor.  Margaret Bonham has been mushing over
5 years, owns a kennel of 18 sled dogs.  Member of ISDRA, the International
Sled Dog Racing Association.   Founder of the first internet mushing mailing
list called Sleddog.

Sat 3 days Sept 30-Oct14 10 am-12 noon             $39 D05014

Jefferson County *** and Continuing Education
13200 W. 32nd Avenue, Golden, CO 80401 303-279-2881 Fax: 303-279-0527

Call them for enrollment sheet.

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