WAR ON DOGS (Press Release) Please Forward

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WAR ON DOGS (Press Release) Please Forward

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Contact: Michael Patton

For immediate release
Date: 5/3/2006


ALL BREEDS Targeted. Government Wants Pound of Flesh or Owners go to

Los Angeles - The war on dogs and their owners reached a new level of
insanity as the most ***thirsty anti-dog legislation in the
nation's history was passed by Mayor Michael Antonovich and the Los
Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Compulsory surgery and
microchipping for Fido or owners go to jail under shocking legislation
approved yesterday. Originally drafted as an irrational attack on
Pitbull and Rottweiler owners in 2005, it has Trojaned into a full
frontal *** on ALL dogs and their owners nationwide.

Penned by Marcia Mayeda, LA County's chief Dog Exterminator, the
legislation will jail those who refuse to subject their puppies to
surgery by age 4 months! Surgery which may kill them, cause them
cancer, hypothyroidism, bone and joint disease, decreased cognitive
function, loss of bladder control, behavior problems and a decreased
lifespan. Not only puppies, ALL ages, ALL breeds, ALL DOGS are
targeted. Even senior canine citizens must go under the knife to keep
their owners out of jail.

Exempt are people who do serious work with dogs. Law enforcement dogs,
service dogs for the disabled and "competition" dogs. Many of these
dogs are vital and important, and owners do not want health, longevity,
performance and intelligence imperiled by unnecessary surgery.

The message to the general public, however, is that YOUR dogs are not
important. Neither are basic rights, common sense, reason and freedom
from unreasonable search, seizure, microchips, surgery and

Mayeda, who gets paid by the Government to eliminate dogs aims to push
her grand vision nationwide. Pink clad spay/neuter fanatic supporters
at the April 18th hearing described their experiences in shelter kill
rooms as dogs struggle for their lives, urinating all over themselves
as they are dragged across the floor toward the smell of fear and

>From Mayeda and legions of pink wearing, dragging-dogs-to-their-death

supporters, comes radical legislation indiscriminately attacking
millions of LA area residents who would never think of killing dogs for
money. Or selling dogs to medical research labs which many
"shelters" do. Government shelters like Mayeda's care about one
thing. Money. Not dogs. Seattle-based American Canine Foundation is
filing a federal lawsuit in response to this
draconian law which violates both the California and U.S.

So-called "humane" and other so-called dog advocates have force fed
"spay/ neuter is good for dogs" propaganda to the public for
decades. They are wrong. Massive amounts of scientific data point out
otherwise, as does the empirical observation that the vast majority of
people who compete with dogs, or who do anything important with a dog,
do not get this invasive, unnecessary surgery done. What does that tell

If your dog and/or protection from rapacious Government intrusion into
your home and family is important to you, you need to act now!
Enforcement begins June 2nd. Contact the American Canine Foundation
(360-277-3647) or http://www.moonsgarden.com/ for more info on fighting or
donating to the fight against this savage attack on FREEDOM, Family,
and Man's Best Friend.